February 21, 2012

RIP Old Friend

We have another death to report in our home.  First it was our house plant (post here),

now it's our trusted morning companion the Cuisinart coffee maker.  Valentine's day morning it just gave up only after 8 months of morning brews.  Bummer!
RIP old friend

For a replacment I wanted the Viking 12 cup but hubby rolled his eyes and told me to dream on.

Since we are caffine addicts valentine's night was spent trolling the aisles of Target with hubby looking for a replacement.  Romantic I know, not!  After spending over $100 on the Cuisinart and it only to break a few months later we were a little annoyed spending money on a new one. 

We settled on the Black & Decker 12 cup.  With the sticker being only $39.99 on this new beauty we feel less attached if it breaks. 
On shap! Look at that concentration reading the new manual. 
Geeshhh my house looks like a bomb in this pic.

Anyone want to share what appliance kicked the can early in there home?


CherylM. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'd be right there with you trolling the aisles for a new coffee maker if mine "bit the dust". I can't function without my caffeine!! Hope this one lasts longer... did you ever announce your giveaway winner??

Decorating, dining, drinking thru Durham said...

You won silly! Congrats! Email me your address so we can ship it out shortly.

CherylM. said...

LOL! Thanks!

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