February 15, 2012

Teresa's On My Mind

Teresa's on Main Street in Durham is one of special locally owned home design studios where you know you will always get in trouble.  Trouble because everything inside is beautiful, one of a kind and you need to purchase immediately. 

Over the holiday's I was browsing for some gifts for friends and family when I stumbled on an early holiday gift for myself. shocker I know

~ action shot of me shopping ~

Leaning against the wall was exactly what I have been searching for the last few months to find.  Over the television in our home was a large empty space screaming to be filled up.  Quickly I purchased and brought my treasure from Teresa's home to proudly show hubby.

This piece was pretty heavy as it is wrapped stamped metal over a long piece of reclaimed wood.  Hubby was a little nervous to hang it over his prized television so he spent a very long time measuring and drilling in reinforced hooks.  Biscuit as usually supervised his progress throughout the job.

~ still measuring ~

~ more drilling ~

~ oops a little more to the... ~

~ just right! ~

Loving it!
The new metal art really keeping you eye up in the room to highlight our tall ceilings. It's funny because the room feels like this wall art has always been here.  I guess that is when you know you hit a home run.

Next time you find yourself in Durham make sure to head over to Teresa's on Main Street and find your next treasure.

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CherylM. said...

Wow! super nice piece.... and Biscuit does such a fine job of supervision.... it seems at my house I'm always being supervised by any one of my three kitties....Oreo - a black & white tuxedo cat..... Cosmos - a gray & white senior cat ..... Teddibear aka Teddi a black kitten. Apparently, I need alot of supervision!!

Decorating, dining, drinking thru Durham said...

Love the name if your kitties, very cute!

CherylM. said...

Thanks! Biscuit is a really cute name too! :)

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