February 27, 2012

Adventures in Beadboard Ceilings Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 in my series of installing a bathroom beadboard ceiling.  Sorry but we have so many pictures from this project to share I just felt like it needed more than one post.  To catch you up from Friday's part 1 post:

1.  I had a vision
2.  I had to convince hubby of my vision
3.  Hubby eventually comes around months later and likes my vision
4.  Mission accomplished!

Next steps was to draw up some plans and gather a shopping list. 
We arrived at Home Depot with so much confidence in our easy "weekend project".  Boy, did we quickly realize that we might just be a little over our heads when we came upon the never ending wall of wood.
After maybe an hour or so of wandering the cold aisles of Home Depot in my poorly chosen 4inch heels and asking for help we loaded up our rusty metal wagon and got to work.  Below is hubby checking his shopping list to make sure we didn't forget anything b/c thats never happened.
This is now the point of the project when we stop smiling for a while.  Home Depot allows you to cut the long trim boards to size to save you money but they don't make it easy for you.  Here hubby is using an old bent handsaw they provided to try and cut the trim wood to size.  In all it was about 25 minutes of hand sawing which resulted in some blisters and possible bad four letter words.
More bad four letter words followed when we got the bill for our little "weekend project".  Eeekk $164.81 for some wood scraps, ouch!
Out in the parking lot we realized that our giant piece of beadboad might not fit in my car.  Luckily we ended up having about 1/4 inch to spare to close the back hatch after we slid it up against the windshield.
Yep, we were those people!
Things were even safer inside the car not!  We crossed our fingers that we wouldn't get pulled over on the ride home and made a break for it.
Hubby had to try and hold the beadboard up from the headrest so I could try and drive without my ear pressed on my shoulder.  Ouch! Again.. we were those people!

More to come this week.

Do you think we are as crazy as I do?

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CherylM. said...

ha ha.... I used to be just like that .. you know "those people" .... until I married my husband (10 years ago) and immediately acquired not one but two pickup trucks.... so now anytime I go to home depot I have something to haul all my special purchases in!

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