September 27, 2012

A Lady Who Lunches

This week I snuck away from work for a quick lunch break.. crazy talk I know.  Usually I eat my cottage cheese cup at my desk and look for left behind scraps in the company kitchen.  Yep, bringing sexy back I know. 

My car accidentally drove to Classic Treasures in Durham... terrible, yep!  I was eager to check out the Honeymoon at Home booth.  Amy over at Triangle Honeymoon is a super fly Durham girl with eclectic personal and home style. 

My eyes got big when the animal rug that I have been eyeing for months was hiding under a table with none other than a sale sticker pinned to it.  "inset happy dance"

My love for a good animal print, horn, rug, etc runs deep.
here, here & here

I had a total come to mama moment.  Now I just need to sneak this giant piece of animal skin & fur into my house without hubby noticing.

Thanks Honeymoon at Home!