January 17, 2012

Wild Side

I did it... I finally did it!  After searching and scrubbing the Internet for the last two years I bought my first zebra rug for our home.  Hubby is still a little sceptical about adding another fake animal to our casa but I know he will come around in the end.

With so many choices it was hard to decide on which style would be just right for our home office.

Cowhide leather is by far my favorite but broke the bank so I kept searching the web.

Polyproplene... what is Polyproplene?  Sounded scary and some of these rugs looked like they came out of a plastic tube so I again kept searching the web.

Then the stars aligned...

I found the perfect Zebra for me!
Hand-tufted Alexa Animal Shape Zebra Wool Rug (4' x 6')

Check out his cute tail... love him even more!
ohh ahhh... no drooling ladies as he is mine all mine

I first found my new friend at RugsUSA for a pretty fair price but I knew I could do better so I cast my web out into internet land and located every possible online store in the universe who sold him too.  Overstock was sold out but had a better online price than RugsUSA so I just kept checking the site everyday.  Then today not only was Zebra back in stock with just 1 at Overstock I also had a 10% off coupon.. SCORE!

I feel like $104 shipped for my new Zebra friend is fantastic deal. When he arrives I'll posts pictures of all his glory.

Now the important question.. what should I name him?

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