January 24, 2012

Pillow Talk P2

After my Pillow Talk post from last week I inspired myself to keep the momentum of replacing ugly pillows around my house going.  Ugly pillows can come from anywhere but my biggest offense has been using the ones that come along with my couch from the vendor.  After convincing hubby to purchase a new couch the last thing I can do is to throw in comments about pillow updates.  Now onto the pillows, yes I know I almost lost you...

Welcome to our bonus room.  Our bonus room is up on our second story of our home and is a giant cave.  Giant in a good way though as we moved from a dollhouse so any extra space to store our junk is appreciated. 
The room is filled with furniture from our last family room before the move so it always feels a little like going back in time when we hang out upstairs. 
Ok back to the earth shattering pillow talk. 
Check out my sexy friends on the couches above.  They have served us well, giving us seven years of love but it was time for a little face lift. 

In come by old staple Land's End.  Again they were having a pillow blowout w/free shipping so little old me took and peek and found these beauties.

20" x 20" Rivet Edge Decorative Pillow Cover
They are 100% cotton canvas so they will be durable and washable for future years. Currently they are on clearance for $14.99 which makes this easy makeover much more fun.  I was even able to buy the last  Lattice Applique decorative pillow cover Land's End had in stock, score!

What do you think of my little bonus room face lift? 

Since hubby doesn't go into this room very often I am not even sure he has seen it yet :)

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