February 6, 2012

Biscuit Approves

One of the things I have realized is that every time I make a tweak to my homes decor it highlights another tweak that needs to happen.  This drives hubby crazy and rightfully so. 

Me: "ohhh if I could just buy this rug the room will finally feel done"
errr..wrong... mental note never say this around hubby

Exhibit A: our new zebra rug named Ziggy we added to the home office

pre Ziggy
after Ziggy

See how the pillow on my reading chair all of a sudden doesn't coordinate with the room. Why design gods, why?!?

Tweak time!

Last week I found this striking feather & down stuffed beauty at a downtown Durham home design store and knew she was the perfect match to Ziggy's showoff stripes.

Ahh check out my sexy reading office nook now! 

For my final test to see if the pillow was a keeper Biscuit came over and did her famous sniff or snub test.

Looks like we all approve! Phew!

What do you think of my mini nook makeover?


Anonymous said...

It looks perfect! I think it was exactly the "tweak" it needed! I found you thru tips & tutes Tuesday and I swear I just read your entire blog from start to finish! I laughed out loud, my hubs thinks I am insane;) happily going to be a subscriber!

Decorating, dining, drinking thru Durham said...

Awww thank you so much for your super nice comments! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one reading so they mean a lot to me. :)

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