February 18, 2012

Three Day Weekend

Nothing in this world gives me such joy as a three day holiday weekend.  Sunday evening there is magic in the air that can only be described as the magic I felt as a child on Christmas eve.  To celebrate my long weekend I am up visiting my bestie KK in Richmond today as we tackle stenciling a room in her beautiful historic home.  You all should remember KK from my posts here and here.

KK chose the tailfeathers allover stencil from Royal Design Studio.  If besties can survive srtenciling a room togther we can survive anything, right?!?  Can't wait to post pics of how the room turned out soon.

Monday I plan on sleeping in late but maybe just maybe if I play my cards right I just might take some of that three day magic and make my special day off something to really remember.

What are you doing to celebrate the long weekend?

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CherylM. said...

Wish I got a long weekend.... my company doesn't observe President's day. :(

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