February 9, 2012

Raindrops Keep Falling On My...

Raindrops are not falling on my head but instead they are falling inside of my master bathroom vanity.  booo!
This tale of a simple weekend update has turned into two  weeks of back and forth fighting with a drainpipe.. and the drainpipe is winning. 

I first found these beautiful satin nickel English bathroom faucet's on Overstock.com for a steal.  With a coupon and free shipping I scored this bathroom porn for under $50.00 each.  Hubby was happy, my wallet was happy.... our vanity is not so happy now.

We were buying these English beauties to replace some chrome faucets that the builder installed.  The annoying part of our new home is that none of the finishes match in each room.  Some items are chrome, some are satin so we have spent two years chasing down deals to get our house finishes in order.  Yes, these are my problems.. give me a gummy bear darn it.

Check out hubby hard at work and earning his man card.

Biscuit even helped supervise the job.  I think in this picture she is barking at hubby to hurry up.  Like mother, like daughter.

~ before ~

~after ~

ohhh, ahhh
"she sexy and she knows it"

But then we are all brought back down to planet earth when one morning I opened my cabinet and water was leaking out of the pipe and was everywhere!

Now my bathroom cabinet looks like this.  *^#^%$*$($
The irony is that it's not the new fancy faucet that's leaking but the builder pipe.   Hubby will be back at it tonight but I almost see duck tape in our future.

Anyone out in blog land share my pain with an easy weekend makeover that just won't seem to end?

Let's have BJ Thomas send this post home today with his tribute to my bathroom.

 Ps.  tomorrow I will have my first ever giveaway, kind of a moment for me, so hope to see you then

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