February 8, 2012

Shipping Sidekick

With any good room makeover I am finding that more and more items we purchase are from online retailers.  I prefer a local vendor but sometimes the world wide whatever comes with a better selection and a fancy coupon code.   Our delivery man hits our house around 6:15ish in the evening.  This has caused for some pretty funny and adorable behavior patterns with our little fuzz ball Biscuit.  As the truck turns around in our cul-de-sac she suddenly runs from any room in the house, bolts down the stairs and waits for the knock on the door.

Next she plays inspector gadget and sniffs and circles each box.  Maybe in kitty land she is dreaming of a ball of catnip to roll out but usually it’s curtains or an animal print rug I am smuggling into our house.

Next with any good pet and myself as a child the real prize to any decorating delivery is the box.  I use to make Barbie clubhouses out of empty boxes.  Biscuit likes to make a nest with the bubble wrap. 

Do your pets children have any delivery rituals like us?

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