February 24, 2012

Adventures in Beadboard Ceilings Part 1

This time last year I was hit with a sudden vision for our downstairs guest bathroom. It first came as a whisper, then a loud scream... beadboard ceiling!!!  Yeah, how in holy heck am I going to convince hubby to make this dream come true. 
 Beadboad ceilings make my heart pitter patter,
make a house a home,
make a bathroom a ....?

After doing some research and blog hunting I came across this post from The House of Smiths detailing how they added such a ceiling to there bathroom.
Inspired check!
Now, how to get hubby inspired?!
One day I just casually sent him the ceiling link and asked him his thoughts for our home.  The rest is history!Here is a tale of one young couple learning to glue and nail things on there ceiling and to live to tell the tale..

More to come.

Do you think we are crazy?


CherylM. said...

Several words come to mind...glutton for punishment, impossible, crazy... yup there it is crazy... working over one's head is challenging to say the very least... your shoulders & neck will HATE you! Good luck!!

CherylM. said...


Calypso In The Country said...

Of all days, I can't believe I came across this post! I am adding a beadboard ceiling to my laundry room tomorrow and I just posted about it because I needed advice about which way the beadboard should run...how funny! Good luck with your project!

Decorating, dining, drinking thru Durham said...

Shelley good luck!! It was much easier in the end than we expected. If you need a pep talk email me and maybe we can have a quick phone call to talk out concerns. Send pics! :)

Angela said...

Yes, I think you are crazy...but this gives me ideas for the hopeless ceiling in our own bathroom. What a great idea:0) Can't wait to see how the project goes for you!

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