February 16, 2012

Free Goodies For Foodies

Did I get your attention. 
This week while flipping myself silly unconscious on Flipboard I came across an article that I just had to share.  "For this week only, Foodzie is offering free Mini Tasting Boxes featuring two of February's most delicious culinary goodies, with no strings attached."

Food & Free.. I like these words so keep talking

"But, what exactly is Foodzie? First and foremost, it's a Tasting Club.  Each month, members receive a box of delicious foods carefully selected by the Foodzie team, connecting those that like to eat good food with the passionate people that make it." 

As I sat on my couch in my fuzzy pink robe covered in crumbs from snacking on whale crackers from the Target $1.00 bin I thought that maybe this was a sign from up above.

"First, sign up for the free Mini Tasting Box. If you love the experience, you'll choose your first full-sized Tasting Box in March for $29.95. If the Tasting Club isn't your jam, cancel your subscription before March at no cost to you."

Hmmm... free trial keep talking.  So I checked out the site and look at how darn cute and delicious these monthly boxes are.

Date Night Tasting Box
Movie Night Tasting Box

After I enrolled in my free mini tasting box Foodzie said that it will arrive in the next 2 or 3 business days.  I'll be back soon with a full report card on it's contents.
Check out how cute Emily & Rob the owners are in this video about the company.

What do you all think about this idea?  Silly or yummy?

No payment or perk for writing this, just found this story mid whale cracker snacking and wanted to share.

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Original article here

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