February 17, 2012

Target Binging

Last Friday night I found myself alone at home with Biscuit.  Hubby was working an overnight shift and with no Redbox movie in hand I accidentally drove myself to Target for some unsupervised shopping. 

My trip was one of those once in a lifetime Target experiences when all the racks were stuffed full with new styles and every size was still to be had.   Coming off my New York Fashion Week addiction all everyone was talking about was "The Pencil Skirt".  Lots of designers hit home runs in the pencil skirt department during NYFW but this little diva in training doesn't have $275 + to drop on one piece of clothing.
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Target must have overheard the pencil skirt buzz and quickly rolled out there own version for only $17.99!!! I went a little crazy and picked up

I rocked the Inca red pencil on Valentines day.  The skirt is super comfortable and stretches really easy when you walk/sit making this pencil perfection.
Then I turned the corner into the shoe aisles and sort of lost it.  This is the point of my post if my hubby is ready he might want to stop... hubby please look away.
Pam Rope Wedge w/ Braided Straps Gold

The perfect summer wedge!!!  Only $24.99!!
Oops bought them in black too!

Then I spotted Teresa and had a fashion meltdown.... how to choose?!?
Teresa Espadrille Wedge
Since hubby wasn't there supervising I accidentally bought them all.  Oopps.. but I'll look damn cute so in my skirts and wedges hubby can't get too mad right...

Ladies run don't walk to your neighborhood Target because they are hitting it out of the park right now.

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