November 12, 2011

Bargain Hunting Updates

Remember when I went to the Junior League of Durham and Orange counties bargain sale kickoff a few weeks ago, post here,  and picked this puppy up for only $2.00?  Well, I finally am getting around to hanging her up in our front entryway.

I picked the empty wall over the fake red flowers.  Yes, I know you aren't suppose to have fake flowers in your home past the 1988 potpourri explosion but I don't care.

Just my luck when I went to hang her up she didn't come with any hardware. 
Luckily the sawtooth hanger kit was only $1.00 at Target.

To quote Rick Perry, "oops"! 
I nailed the sawtooth hanger in a little crooked, oh well.

Ta da and straight as an arrow! 
For a $3.00 investment I am really happy with overall look of the nook.

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