November 7, 2011

Easy Weekend Updates

Even though our home is only two years old we find ourselves from time to time updating it's current bones.  Our downstairs bathroom was nice but the vanity top and faucet that the builder installed always annoyed me a bit because it didn't match with our kitchen finishes.  This voice inside of me always drives my hubby crazy but after a few weekends of nagging him he jumped on board with my plan :)

Bathroom before

I started my hunt for a reasonably priced granite top on the Internet and my searches always ended back at Home Depot.  They were running a promotion for our size vanity with side splash one week and I quickly ordered a store pick for that day. 

Total was around $140.00 with side splash. Deals baby!

Now onto the faucet.  Overstock is usually my go to as they always have the best selection, prices, etc.  I finally found the satin nickel faucet I wanted but the price was a little too high for our budget remodel.  Each day I would check the site for a better deal and then one weekend, victory!  The faucet was the lowest price to date and my inbox had a coupon for 10% off and free shipping. 
Total was around $56.00.  Come to mama!

Once the faucet arrived we hubby quickly got to work carefully removing the old vanity top and faucet.  We made sure to not scratch or dent it up as we always sell our old home items on Craigslist to re coop some of our costs.  In about an hour and a half we had a brand new bathroom thanks to hubby's hard work.

We are very pleased with our mini bathroom remodel.  The upgrades only costs us around $150 plus some sweat but I feel like we added a lot more value than that to our home.

What do you think of our sweat equity?

Total costs:
New vanity    $140
New faucet       56
Total              $196
-                        50 sold vanity/faucet on Craigslist
New total       $146

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