November 6, 2011

Dinner In

For the last two weeks I have been battling thru the plague.  After 14 days, a visit to urgent care and a zpack I was still not back into my glitter heels.  Saturday we had plans for a double date out with friends but since I was still feeling rotten we had to be losers and cancel so we opted for dinner and a move at home.  Since I was a little blue about staying home hubby decided to spice dinner up a bit. Hubby whipped up a special date night in menu.
~ Pan roasted duck breast - Emeril recipe
~ Sauteed baby bok choy
~ Steamed broccoli

sizzle baby

slide the duck in the over for 8 minutes

just enough time to whip up the sides

Bon Appétit
Who needs to go out when hubby can whip this up.

Dinner was delicious even though I felt a little under dressed in my pj's and fuzzy pink robe.  We rented the hillarious Bridesmaids for our movie in.  Luckily no one got food poisoning from our dinner :)

Since I was trapped on my couch what did everyone else do last night?

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