November 2, 2011

Halloween Hangover

Halloween has come and gone but I am still suffering from a little bit of a Halloween hangover.  Don't know if it's all stress of finding a new costume each year or cramming in all the parties but I am exhausted.  Monday evening we ended up having some many trick or treaters that we had to raid the pantry for anything we could find.  I was embarrassingly was handing out weird wrapped candy I picked up at the Asian market when my hubby made me turn off the front lights in fear we might get egged.

Saturday evening was a lot of fun though as we celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary that the Angus Barn.   The Angus Barn is known for top notch service, steaks and an elegant southern barn atmosphere, yes there is such a thing.  The restaurant was hosting a private Halloween dinner event in the wine cellar so we decided to spice up our anniversary with something different and attend.

All we can say is "wow"!  As we descended the decorated stone stares to the wine cellar we knew this would not be a typical Saturday night.

The rooms were decorated beyond what we could have ever imagined. 
Each guest dressed up for the dinner to add to the spooky atmosphere.
Fuzzy party action shot
Hubby rocking his favorite gnome costume from last year.
The highlight was that our dinner was prepared and served by Iron Chef  Walter Royal himself.  Chef Royal and his team defeated celebrity Iron Chef Cat Cora in a 51-43 victory.

Monday at work I hosted the annual Halloween costume contest and opted for a less revealing slutty costume. 

I guess it's time to pack up all the ghosts and goblins around my house and dust off my turkey decorations. 
Hope you all survived Halloween at your house this year.  Let the holiday rush begin!

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