November 9, 2011

Laundry Room Upgrade

I have a secret to share... I love wallpaper!  I know, I know wallpaper reminds you of your grandparents dining room but I must confess I am in love.  In our last home we had a little bit of courage and had some installed in our downstairs bathroom.  Who knows if the new owners have ripped it down by now but it made me oh so happy.

With our new home I have debated back and forth with wallpapering every corner but hubby always bring me down to planet earth.  So, my compromise.. the laundry room! 

Our 2nd floor laundry room is tiny so a little paper on the walls can't offend a buyer too much, right?  I scoured the Internet, wallpaper stores etc for just the right pattern and finally decided on Julian by Thibaut.  Thibaut in my opinion is the go to source for all wall coverings as the designs are timeless and elegant.

Below is a picture of a room done in the chocolate version of the Julian pattern to give you an idea of what the laundry room will transform into.

My second choice was the Henson pattern below. 

Installation is happening this coming Saturday morning so fun pictures to come.  Hubby can do a lot of things around the house but I draw the line at hanging wallpaper.  So, to save the marriage we hired a great local guy. 

Keep you posted with the install this weekend.

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