October 21, 2011

Well... here goes nothing

My name is Rachael and I am a design blog-a-holic!  Over the past few years I have been inspired daily by the design blogging community.  I have been wrestling with the idea of jumping on the bandwagon and have finally decided to give it a whirl.  Thanks for coming on my new journey with me. 

Why Decorating, dining and drinking thru Durham?

I live to decorate my home, friends homes, the space station etc.  Any way to tweak a
space with new paint, accessories, etc makes me giddy.  I am in no way a
professional and am over a forever journey if my poor husband likes it or not to
improve our home.  We are also big DIY peeps (code for cheep) so follow us along
during our home improvement projects.

~ caution, decorating can be messy ~

Duh, who does like yummy food?  We live in a foodie paradise so come along with
me as I we try fish ribs, BBQ stands, diamond restaurants and I share recipes from
our Sunday cooking adventures.

~ my favorite treat ~

We live in a town that is experiencing a craft beer revolution!  Almost every month
a new brewery is opening its door and we are attending a beer event.  My hubby also
brews his own (again back to being cheep).  Follow us along his journey to not blow
up the kitchen and to place in a brewers cup competition.

~ caution, brewing action photo ~

Duh, again.. we live here J

xo, Rachael

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