October 21, 2011

Going stag

Last Friday the hubby was working a night shift and wasn’t home for date night.  Instead of shopping away my sorrows online or at Target I decided last minute to take myself to the opera.  At an early age my mother dragged me to shows up and down the East Coast to sprinkle some culture on my cupcake.  Always I am begging my hubby to go to shows like this with me but he never takes the bait.  When I let him know my plans honestly I think he was relieved he was working.  I quickly purchased a nosebleed ticket, hopped in my car and made the short drive to the theater.

The French opera Carmen was being held at the Progress Energy Center in downtown Raleigh, NC.  Carmen is about a gypsy women with a temper for trouble and falling in love with many men.  Even if you are not too familiar with opera will you be know this famous performance below.

~ preshow in my nosebleed seats ~
~ after the lights went down I snuck up towards the front~
shhhh.. don't tell

Apparently this was “be seen” event in Raleigh.  During each intermission women in sparkly ball gowns and men in tuxedo’s would socialize with each other in-between runs for more wine.  I hid in my seat as I was only rocking a puffy down vest and ponytail.

~ my imaginary dates seat ~

After 3 ½ hours and four intermissions later the opera came an end.  I don’t know if was the sultry cast or the dashing older men in tuxedo’s but I am hooked.

Any recommendations to share on what your favorite Opera was that you have seen?

xo, Rachael

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