October 23, 2011

Bottoms Up Beer Bread

If you haven't already noticed the word drinking is in the title of this blog.  As I discussed in my earlier post the hubby and I brews our own beer and we love to support local brewers in our area.  Some posts on this blog will include his our adventures brewing.  I use the word adventures because a bottle or two has exploded before in our house.. awesome I know.

The hubby is currently out at a friends house changing the breaks on my car, no joke, so I snuck a robust porter he made out of the fridge to make some yummy bread and reward him for this hard work today. 

Over the holiday's my mother in law gave us the Tastefully Simple Bountiful Beer Bread Mix kit.  Let's try out this bad boy with our yummy home brew.

~ value pack baby ~

~ just add yummy porter ~

 ~ feels like science class ~

~ turned into a sticky blob ~

 ~ the box suggests you add some melted butter on top so I decided to get all paula dean on the loaf ~


~ see ya in 50 minutes ~

~ ta da!  house smells incredible ~

~ success ~
The beer bread came out delicious and I earned major wanna be housewife points today.  I give myself a gold star.

xo, Rachael

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