October 29, 2011

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

In keeping with the Halloween vibe this weekend I would like to introduce you to our scary backyard.  We purchased our home almost 20 months ago but have spent that time upgrading our interior not exterior living spaces.

Anyone old enough like me to remember the movie Beetlejuice? As a kid, I was absolutely terrified of the sandworms, enormous two-headed serpents with rows upon rows of sharp teeth that live outside the Maitlands home, ensuring the ghosts never escape their purgatory.  Well, that is what my backyard reminds me of when I walk down the steps.

scary stuff
Last weekend we found ourselves at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens for an event.  The beauty of the gardens was so inspiring that I think it was finally the kick we needed to get to work on our own sandworm yard in the spring.
I was drawn to the perfectly manicured rows of bushes and plants
Huge pots of cactus lined the rows in the gardens.  We are thinking of incorporating these elements into our yard.

Hubby on the phone in the background

 I think our overall yard vision is of course function with easy to maintain beauty.  I envision rows or winding paths guiding you to a fire pit or fireplace.  Below are some pinterst inspiration photos that we might try and recreate if we win the lottery or magically bump into Amed Hassan and the HGTV Yard Crashers crew one weekend.

A girl can dream right
Now I will send you off this Halloween weekend with the most brilliant scene in the Bettlejuice movie, when Beetlejuice forces the Deetzes guests to perform an impromptu rendition of “The Banana Boat Song.”  Enjoy!

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