October 23, 2011

Trick errr Treak

I love everything about fall.  From the inspiring beautifully colored leaves on your morning drive into work, to snuggling up in your favorite blanket.. bring on the fall.  Over the weekend I made a stop at my favorite local Michael's store and picked up some supplies to make my front door sparkle.

shopping list:
  • 3 fall garlands
  • 1 box of 3M hooks

I started by attaching the 3M hooks on the wood trim around the front door.  No nailing for this easy weekend project.

Next I just hooked the plastic trim of the garland around the 3M hooks around the door.
Ta da!  If you look close at the bottom left window you can see I have a snooping cat. 

Overall with my Michael's and 3M coupons this garland project cost me under $15 bones so hubby approved.  With the trick errr treat kids coming up these stone steps soon hopefully they will approve just like my snooping cat and not egg our house.

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