March 5, 2012

My Playboy Arrived Today

Well, not exactly.
My version of Playboy is the quarterly Lilly Pulitzer catalogue that arrives in my mailbox.
Biscuit always gets a little jealous.
Move kitty!
My pinup girls :)
No playboy in your mailbox?
To view the catalogue you can download the [free] Lilly Pulitzer catalog app from iTunes so you can experience and shop the 2012 collection!

~ The Lilly Story ~
It all started with a juice stand. Lilly McKim married Peter Pulitzer and needed something to keep her busy down there in Palm Beach all day long. She opened a juice stand and soon found the need for something comfortable that would camouflage the stains she would get on her clothes when squeezing fruit. The result was a brightly printed dress she could wear every day, everywhere. Not only was the dress practical, it quickly became the iconic style of a fun-loving lifestyle... The Classic Lilly Shift was born.

Here are some adorable and inspiring Lilly videos showing how they create the beautiful seasonal prints.  Loving this!
Talk about a dream job!

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CherylM. said...

Why do they always have to lay/stand on anything we are trying to read/look at?? Mine drive me crazy with this.... also, getting in front of the computer screen.... how annoying is that??

Love the catalog too!

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